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Market Beating Returns

Our aim is to help you make 100% monthly returns on risk capital while still protecting your investment Capital.

Use Math,Chart pattern - Not Guesses

Use proven Mathematical Chart pattern Models and Statistics to find the right trades - Don't rely on fundas and technical guess work.

Win On More Trades

Our strategies can be used in Rising,Sideways and Falling Markets which have high probabilities of success Rate.

Start Small and Scale

No matter if you have a small account of thousands or crores to put to work, our strategies work for all types of accounts.

100% safe trades

For each trade you will know in advance what the risk is and how to save the trade even if it goes against trend.

Have a Happy Life

Our style of trading only take minutes per week to implement and monitor so you can have good time balance your work and life

How our Trades work to generate Profits

Put Odds In Your Favor

High probability trade setups

Generate Income Growth

Sell time premium (Theta)

Easy Maintenance

Keeping losses to a minimum

Risk Management

Adjust trades before trouble


Best strategy available

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I've been trading your advices since I subscribed.It’s really great how easy I make profits in options trading.Thank you guys....Keep moving.

Karan singh.Chandigarh

Very passionate and enthusiasm I can see in theoptionstory team.well supportive and friendly team.I really love your concept of trading in options segment

Sudaram venkatesan..chennai 

The only option strategy to deliver you a 99% success rate

Learn how to trade options and become profitable in any market condition
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