The Option Growth Story

Discover a Simple Options Income Strategy That Delivers Over 90% Winning Trades and Reliable, Steady Income Month After Month!

Are You Struggling to Earn Consistent Income Trading Options?

We Help People Just Like YOU Become
Successful Options Traders!

  • Novice Options Traders Interested In Following a Proven Blue-Print for Steady Income
  • Seasoned Options Traders Targeting Low Risk Income Opportunities in Bull and Bear Markets
  • Buy and Hold Investors Looking To Diversify Their Portfolio Beyond Stocks And Mutual Funds
  • Options Buyers Who Believe That Selling Strategies Are Reserved For Big Trading Accounts

Leverage Over 10 Years of Professional Options Trading Experience to Help You Achieve Consistent Income in Bull and Bear Market!

  • Our trade criteria and methodology identifies the most overpriced calls and puts with the highest chance of time decay over the shortest period of time.
  • We stack the odds in your favor by identifying short term weekly as well as monthly spreads with the highest odds of time decay.
  • By combining time-tested market analysis with limited risk and time decay, we can target both conservative and aggressive income opportunities.
  • Open positions are held for less than 15 days and sometimes as little as 5 days to maximize profit opportunities, while minimizing risk and market exposure.


TheOptionstory Elite Pro Formula Gives You EVERYTHING You Need To Succeed!

Real Time Trade Alerts

Get real time entry and exit updates delivered straight to your SMS/Email Inbox during market hours. Includes all details to enter and exit perfect trades.

Low risk high Reward

Apply a vigorous selection process for identifying Low risk - high reward with high probability profits.

Weekly Q & A sessions

Each week you get a email with answers to important questions that we receive from members throughout the previous week.

Weekly Market Updates

The Weekly position analysis report will give you detailed analysis on open positions, profit targets as well as potential position risk.

Weekly and Monthly Options

When volatility levels are unusually high, we utilize weekly options and when market volatility declines we switch back to monthly options.

Secure Members Area

Access your secure members portal
anytime to check on the latest trade recommendation or to view the latest weekly market analysis Research Reports.

Credit Spreads

Target credit spreads with high implied volatility, which increases the premium we receive and lowers the potential risk level on each spread.

Stocks and Indices

No need to choose between stocks and indices when targeting income opportunities, our research team gives you trade recommendations for both.

What's Included When You Enroll In theoptionstory elite pro Advisory Program?

Options Income Formula Combines Six Different Advisory Services Into One




Join Elite PRO Membership for Rs 30,000 / annum

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