The Option Growth Story


Personal Mentoring for dedicated option traders.

Thoptionstory team excited to present to you our mentoring program that is focused on individual traders and investors like yourself...Are you ready for someone to show you the right way to trade in options segment? To show you the system, strategies, and methodology of being profitable in the Indian stock market... so that you can make additional money on the side or even quit your job?

If you having been struggling with your trading methodology, don't know what strategy to pick, can't seem to be profitable, are a nervous wreck before or after putting on a trade, or you just don't know where to start & how to start

Then you are probably missing one piece of the puzzle which connects dots to make it all work and become the best profitable trader.

Let us guide you, show you, and push you the right way to trade on options. we will save you countless of hours so you don't have to have the unnecessary  frustrations and panic experience the huge losses that so many normal traders encountered.

How does a optionology coaching session work?

Our Optionology  coaching programs specifically focus on "you." Everyone has different goals and needs when it comes to trading on the financial market. You may be interested to make money consistently to create a living from the options trading or you might be interested to make some money part time as you build your retirement or work on your career....

If you get accepted in the mentoring program, we will start off by working together on your needs and how to achieve those goals.You may have an idea or concept of things you want, but it may not be what you need to reach your financial goal.

To figure out your goals, your experience, and make sure we are both on the same page for the profitability level you are trying to accomplish, we start by having a casual sessions in our webinar platform and phone support.

Options Trading Simplified


Prerequisites to become theoptionstory student.

We think it is important that you understand we do not accept everyone or anyone that asks for mentorship. This is because it is extremely demanding on our effort. For the people who are serious about mentorship, have the desire, inspiration and time then you could be accepted.

Here are some of the things that you should have in place whether that's with your trading account, experience, or character prior to starting a mentorship with us.

  • Be a person who is committed to things, dedicated, more passionate,enthusiam to learn and have a stick-to-it approach
  • Minimum of 1 Lakh in your trading account
  • 6+ months of studying the markets
  • At least 3 hours a week to dedicate to trading, studying, or observing market moves.

Highly Personal One-on-One Coaching sessions

* Must have had a previous per-minute-coaching session *

10 Private Sessions: (6 long sessions & 4 short sessions)

Subscribe Optionology Special training for Rs 25,000 / annum

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